Internal Link Analysis Tool


What is internal link analysis?

Internal links on a website are links pointing to other pages on the same website. These links provide a strong signal indicating the importance of pages. In general the more a page is linked to from other pages, the higher its importance. Not all links are created equal of course. Getting one link from an important page, is worth more than several links from unimportant pages.

How to analyze internal links on a website

  1. Crawl a website using any crawler
  2. Get the links table containing two columns (from, to) showing which URLs link to which
  3. Make sure you only have internal links (either by filtering to only include internal URLs, or using a default "inlinks" report from your crawler)
  4. Upload the file

The app will analyze the links and provide a table showing each link with various link metrics using graph/network theory.

Metrics to evaluate internal links

  • Degree: The total number of links (to and from) a page (In-degree + Out-degree).
  • In-degree: The total number of links point to a page.
  • Out-degree: The total number of links from a page to other pages.
  • Degree centrality: The percentage of internal URLs that are connected to this URL.
  • Page rank: A score showing the relative importance of a link, based on the quantity and quality of incoming links. While Google's PageRank algorithm does this for the entire web, this tool does it only for internal links in a website. This is a good starting point that can show you which are the most important links on a certain website, based on the number and quality of its links